The artistic practice of the Lake Twins is deeply rooted in their desire to develop a unified identity between their two separate bodies.

In order to achieve this they focus the majority of their works around one figure who is a representation of the meeting place of their individual beings. The figure, which is male in order to achieve an ambiguity between the two girls, is typically depicted completely in white; allowing for the figure to be isolated from its surroundings. In addition the figure is further isolated as he is usually shown with his back to the viewer, emphasising ‘his’ ambiguity.

The locations in which the images are sat usually reflect places that bear a connection to the Lake Twins; this particular work is set at Central St. Martins, the alma mater of both twins.

When taking in the work as a whole it appears as though life is continuing as normal, perhaps due to the figure in red passing by in the background or the banality of the locale. In contrast to this, the central figure in white seems to be not only frozen in time, but perhaps in a different dimension all together. This work has the ability to stand alone as an intriguing, engaging image, but it goes beyond this by raising questions regarding the reality of the figure and in turn the reality and role of the artists.

The Lake Twins’ work is on display at Display London, 26-28 Morley House, Holborn until 18th November. #IWhereADress

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