We all know Howard Tangye as the renowned head of Womenswear. Just think of a big name in fashion, and you will probably find that he or she was taught by Howard. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that Howard’s true passion is drawing.

When Stina Gromark and Louise Nauton Morgan, also known as the designer duo Stinsensqueeze, came across Howard’s drawings while both still on the BA Graphic Design, they knew they’d found a special gem.

They approached Howard and, three years on, they’ve put together the first-ever book dedicated to his incredible artwork, entitled Within. Apart from beautiful prints of a selection of drawings Howard’s done in the last 40 years – that have been perfected so that the colours are exactly the same as in the originals –  the book also includes fascinating glimpses into his studio and comments from some of the many former CSM students that he’s drawn: Richard Nicoll, Zac Posen and Julie Verhoeven.


Gromark and Morgan are now looking for funding to realise this project and publish Within. Self-publishing is an amazing thing, as it gives you the freedom to create a book of an exceptionally high quality without having to compromise, but there is a downside: it’s expensive. This is why Stinsensqueeze have begun a Kickstarter to raise money to finance the publication.1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_fashion_tutor_illustator_howard_tangye_womenswear_1016


You can find all the information about this project, see a sneak preview of this beautiful book and donate money to the Kickstarter until 5 July. In return, there is a great selection of thank-you gifts, ranging from posters of Howard Tangye’s work to the actual book for a lower price, to an original Howard Tangye drawing. So now, check out the video and get donating!

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