I Where A Dress in detail… Luke Brooks

The drawn lines that course across these garments give us a sense of familiarity; the simple act of drawing and shading. One is able...

I Where A Dress in detail… Jan Manski

The confrontational vision of Polish-born Jan Manski’s multi-disciplinary projects explores the fundamental elements of the contemporary individual’s fixations. By combining his skilful, macabre productions with a little bit of humour, Mankin manages to reference modern culture, mythology and history in an ambitious way. Through his work, Manski channels the most narcissistic traits of our society as a disfiguring force, driving us into a self-destructive future of unattainable perfection. With a meticulous sense of detail and feeling for the grotesque, Manski’s ‘alternative universe’ is downright disturbing. But inevitably there’s no pleasure without pain, and what follows in Manski’s invented world is a state of gradual disfiguration and destruction brought on by ourselves. Such is the price to pay for our obsession with vanity.

I Where A Dress in detail… Alan Magee

The multi-dimensional work of Irish-born artist Alan Magee raises questions concerning the nature of signs, and reality through a complex mise en abime, which obscures the ideas of nature and definition. His work interrogates the distinction between reality and its representation, while his process explores the possibility of finding a place in the world through the action of transformation.

1 Granary x Display London: I Where A Dress launch

Without meaning to sound cocky, we overheard a lot of comments like this at our exhibition launch, between pouring champagne, sliding past each other through doors, and amongst the smokers outside. It was much the same even when it was quiet, with spectators whispering approval in the dark, whilst Alex Anikina's Some Entropy in Your Tea played.

1 Granary in Conversation with… Colin McDowell

1 Granary are pleased to announce the first in a series of talks, ‘1 Granary in Conversation with…’. Our first guest, in collaboration with Phaidon will be renowned fashion critic, Colin McDowell MBE, discussing his latest book The Anatomy of Fashion: Why We Dress the Way We Do. Joining us on the 1st November in the LVMH theatre, Colin will sit with 1 Granary to discuss his thirty years of experience in the fashion industry, talking his grassroots in the Gloucestershire country, his body of published work, and time spent working as a critic for The Sunday Times Style.

Man of Few Words and Live Music Launch DJ: Chris Petritzis

Self-titled “London It Boy” Chris Petritzis started his own magazine at the age of 14 out of sheer boredom. And even though he’s now...

1Granary Live Music Launch: Anna de Marco talks Synth and Style

Ahead of 1Granary's Live Music Launch, kicking of our new series of design talks and exhibitions, we talk to former member of electro-punk-pop band...