Monday, February 20, 2017



Daniel Hall: Performance Design and Practice student at Central Saint Martins

Photography by 1st year BA Graphic Design student Phillip Koll for 1 Granary

Camille Vivier’s Transcending Photography

Camille Vivier’s work completely transcends the usual norms of fashion photography. While looking at her work, we are transported to a planet beyond our own — one filled with an overwhelming sense of melancholic fantasy and romantic surrealism. Camille has contributed to Dazed, i-D, and Numéro among others and boasts a handful of awards for her moving image and photography work, such as winning the first photography prize at the prestigious Hyères fashion festival. Katrice Dustin met the devout Parisian at a large classic-style cafe in the heart of the city's iconic district of Saint Germain. Soft spoken, stylish and incredibly intelligent, Camille Vivier gave us her rundown of Parisian life, what eroticism means to her, and all of the things and places that make her tick...

Off-key aesthetics and oddball models

Annie Collinge’s work can’t really be pigeonholed as fashion photography, but neither does it fit the term still life. A more apt description would...