Best quotes of the day

M.: Some miserable people in CSM need to learn how to smile. Bitch faces don't make anyone cooler, believe me. S.: Smiling is so 90's though.

Myrza de Muynck

Meeting Myrza de Muynck for an interview in her studio on Saturday at 9 pm probably says a lot about her personality. A workaholic...


Preview: Myrza de Muynck

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov Make-up and hair: Marina Keri Model: Anastasia Ivanova Stylist/producer: Olya Kuryshchuk Clothes: Myrza de Muynck Myrza de Muynck, a 2011 CSM graduate, is currently preparing for a Vauxhall...

Colin Harvey

In our quest to find out more about CSM and the life inside its walls we started interviewing our tutors. They are an amazing...

The White

The White show is the ultimate fashion show bringing together the creations of all CSM first year fashion students. Every year, the designers throughout all...




“The White” Preview

We are finally back to school after the winter holidays. As final year BA and MA students are preparing for the graduate show and...

Sarah: look 3

Kim’s Rabbit

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov Make-up and hair: Marina Keri Model: Virginia Kiss/IMG Models Stylist/producer: Olya Kuryshchuk Clothes: Kim Træger