Learning From The Boss

Learning From The Boss

Work like a Wintour – any advice, Anna?

On Friday, Ms Anna Wintour herself descended from heaven (ed. note: top floors of NYC's Condé Nast building) and sat down with Vogue's newly...

The World as seen through Suzy Menkes

I don’t use hashtags. I like to look forward, I like to try out new things. I think you have to believe in your view and...

Learning from the Boss: Andrew Davis

1 Guerrilla tactics can get you a place at CSM I worked as a pastry chef in Manchester, but wanted to do something in fashion. I...

Learning from the Boss: John Galliano

1. John initially applied to the foundation course at Central Saint Martins to learn design. “I didn’t have an artistic background. I went to Wilson’s Grammar School for boys and then went on to do further education.” 2. In the 80s, St Martins was considered more a 'traditional' art school: “You were encouraged to move among the film department, the graphic artists, the sculpture department… Things were open and you were encouraged to move around in different fields. It has become a lot more compartmentalised.” ...

Learning From The Boss(es): Simon Costin and Gary Card

Simon Costin’s set designs might be associated with McQueen's shows for most people who have an interest in fashion. However, his career didn’t at all start out with rain pouting down runways. Rather with Bloomsbury squats, Tilda Swinton, and jewellery containing mythical sperm. Not long ago, he was in conversation with Gary Card, coinciding with his 'Impossible Catwalk Shows' exhibition at LCF. The talk stayed with us, and even though months have passed, we wanted to share some of the best parts that show an insight into the work of these two brilliant minds.

Learning from the boss: GQ’s Dylan Jones

Last night, GQ Editor and Chairman of London Collection Men, Dylan Jones spoke with Fashion and Beauty Monitor’s Editor Sarah Penny at Conde Nast College of Fashion in Soho. We learnt a multitude of things: from the decline of investigative journalism to his aspirations of becoming a photographer, we've shortlisted what Dylan Jones taught us.

Learning from the Boss: Maurice Mullen

Maurice Mullen has pretty much seen it all in the publishing industry. As the Head of Fashion and Luxury at The London Evening Standard and ES Magazine, and an eminent member of the British Fashion Council, Mullen has a lot on his plate. Admittedly, he is not the kind who can work with a slow-paced monthly and therefore enjoys the speed of a newspaper. However, not all success stories start with interning at a fashion company aged 19, or studying at CSM: formerly a barrister in Northern Ireland, Mullen moved to London in 1985 to pursue a career in luxury. Last week, we had the privilege of attending a talk he gave at Central Saint Martins, and we wanted to share a few takeaway lessons in luxury from the man who's an authority on the subject.