Visual Questionnaire

Visual Questionnaire

Visual Questionnaire: Wilson PK

Wilson PK certainly got on a high of press attention when Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself lounging on a couch last year,...

Trager Delaney Visual Questionnaire

How are you feeling today? Where are you now? Where do you wish you were? Who is your favourite artist? What is your favourite film? What is your favourite book? Why did you study fashion? What is your favourite sound? What do you do when you’re stressed out? What makes you laugh? What’s the most impressive craftsman technique you’ve ever seen? What is your biggest inspiration? Which beard-style would you go for if you had to change? Whom would you like to eat lobster with? What do you treasure most in the world? What is your definition of success? Which shoot has recently blown your mind? What is a talent you’d like to have? What is the last song you’ve listened to? How does the future look like?


How to best interview people whose work is visually impeccable? Get them to fill in a visual questionnaire, and find out how their brains tick through imagery. We started our new series with photographer duo HART+LËSHKINA, who shot the editorial we published earlier today, featuring SS15 collections of Craig Green, Nicomede Talavera and Christopher Shannon.