Work In Progress: Hannah Porter

"If my mum saw my project she would be: reduced to tears," is one of the answers that Hannah Porter, second year MA Fashion student at the Royal College of Art, gave to the questions on our easy correspondence card. Are these tears causing the beautiful colours on her garments to smudge? All we can tell from her work in progress, is that her project indeed seems to be going swimmingly — we can't wait to see her collection stream down the runway in June!

Work In Progress: Morwenna Darwell

In our new Work In Progress series, final year BA and MA Fashion Design students of fashion colleges around the world share their graduate projects. While showing research and development, they also fill in our quick question cards, in which they reflect on how their work is going so far. "I think my project is going: swimmingly (upstream)," is one of Morwenna Darwell's answers, who is currently in the second year of MA Fashion at the Royal College of Art. On the 3rd and 4th of June, you'll be able to see her final collection on RCA's runway!

Work In Progress: Ya Wen

'We are slaves of objects around us', might seem like a heavy topic for a graduate collection, but it's exactly that which Ya Wen, second year...

Work In Progress: Pia Jacqueline Chandra

What's up, Snoop Doggy Dogg? With the graduate shows less than a month away, we take a look at the work of Central Saint...

Work In Progress / Inside The CSM Fashion Studios

With the clock ticking the countdown to the press show, we walked around the fashion studios and shot the work of two students on different courses. One will show his collection on the runway tomorrow, the other is carefully padding, cutting and stitching away for a graduate diploma. While Joshie thinks his project needs a dustbin, and Linyou's needs some love, they can both agree -- according to our question cards -- that with any luck they'll be alive next year. Not long now before the final unveiling...