What did your tutors say when you first presented your ideas for the final collection?

The first line up was a bit of a wake up call to me. The collection changed significantly after that. Got bigger, brighter and less boring. The tutors mostly said make it bigger, bigger (and better).

Did your collection start from something small, like a bathing robe, and were you then advised to ‘go large’?

No, my initial drawings were always big, but for some reason it took me the whole year to translate that scale into real life. The collection was based on photographs I took of flying quilts, so the first designs were based on billowed, thrown shapes. These shapes were too hollow, so I added more and more fullness, until they were the size of a quilt.

It looks like you had a lot of fun, making the collection; did you? What did you enjoy doing most?

In hindsight it was fun. When else do you get to make things everyday? What did I enjoy the most? Quilting. I love quilting.

 How much do you appreciate your bed?

Who doesn’t appreciate their bed? But contrary to the bed theme, I don’t spend much time in it.

 Are you a morning or a night person?

I have tried to be a morning person; like getting up and going for an early morning jog before work, but no, I am definitely a night person.

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 What were your childhood dreams?

Running in the Olympics

 What is your favourite Disney movie?


 What were your first thoughts, when you had to start thinking about making accessories?

I have made toys since I can remember, so I wanted to get one in there. There have been various friendly monsters but Greville (the monster) is my favorite.

The draping and construction of the garments looks pretty complicated. What kind of techniques did you use?

I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but I didn’t really have patterns. All 6 looks were made up as I went along. There was some planning; I had tried and tested the construction technique… The trouble with quilting, is that it completely changes the characteristic of the fabric. I struggled to find any fabric that was suitable to toile in. In the end I made the shapes in wadding, then backed the wadding with the lining fabric before draping the outer fabric on the top. Then I pinned all the layers together in a cozy sandwich, before finally quilting the whole darn thing.

Who do you look up to?

Rosie Swale Pope. She ran around the world pulling a trailer with everything she needed. It took her five years. But she ran around the whole world. Anyone with that much determination is worth looking up to.

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Why did you decide to make these garments? 

Hmm, there wasn’t a decision moment, it just happens really. I always hoped that I would have a nice organized list and drawings of what I was going to make, but I didn’t, so I just made them.

What were your references?

My main reference was the children’s book ‘Were the Wild things are’ written by Maurice Sendak.

What was your dissertation about?


What has been the biggest challenge for you this year?

Designing and making my sisters wedding dress (it wasn’t quilted!)

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Growing up, who has been your biggest influence?

The most obvious influence is my mum. She is fabulous. She also makes quilts, dyes fabric, silk paints scarfs, wall papers, decorates cakes, makes costumes, upholsters chairs; If you ask her to make the kitchen table from a tree she could probably do it. I have learnt how to sew from her, but more importantly, how to think practically.

How different is the end product from what you originally set out to design?

Your imagination is always far more accomplished at creating awesome things; but that’s in your head. I guess my real world version isn’t a bad effort.

Where did you intern?

At Louis Vuitton, the men’s leather goods, as well as a wedding dress designer, Anna Schimmel in New Zealand. A brilliant contrast.

What’s the next step?

Make monsters.

Unless anyone needs anything quilted?

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