Maia Bergman is the hottest Central Saint Martins graduate from Fashion Print pathway, who has successfully presented her final collection, which shimmered with beautiful whites, real flesh and pastel colours. Maia used plain and see through fabrics, and turned them into precious textiles by spilling the shiny cheerful beads all over. The collection was a success and a true bead miracle! Originally from Argentina, Bergman has not only produced an exciting collection with beautiful and desired clothes, but actually showed how girly cuteness can easily flow into hot sexiness.

SUMMARY: Girls want to wear Maia’s designs. Boys want the girls in them…Though at CSM, some boys want these clothes without the girls. Either way, that’s all that matters. Hotness, Desire, Sex…Maia, we got the message!

1Granary would like to congratulate Maia Bergman with becoming a 2012 Central Saint Martins graduate and thanks for the interview and all the fun and sex delivered onto the runway of the Final Show.

Tell us about your background and how did you get into Central Saint Martins?

I was applying to Parsons in New York, but one day I woke up from a dream, thinking that I should try to apply to Central Saint Martins instead. It felt like something impossible back then. But I just applied and tried my luck, got into Foundation course, then the BA…

How old were you when you decided to become a fashion designer?

Still thinking about it.

Did you dress up Barbies when you were a kid?

I actually used to draw my own “barbies” because they only came with one outfit. I mean, Barbie can’t go for brunch with the parents in her cheerleader outfit…

Describe these past three years at CSM?

The best, so much fun. It is very important not to listen to anyone else but yourself, and genuinely believe in yourself. To have discipline in working hard and going out as much. Also, not to take clothes too seriously…

 What do you find fascinating in school and what frustrates you?

The canteen. That whole american high school vibe with the trays and tables I find funny, but we don’t have the popular kids, or the geeks, or the eco warriors……just all freaks. In the best possible way of course!

I find frustrating all the attempts of the new technology in the building: the photocopy machines, the barrier to get in, the cards to open doors, the e-store to buy print supplies, etc etc. Just no.

“… we don’t have the popular kids, or the geeks, or the eco warriors……just all freaks.”

Tell us about your final collection.

I really like beads. When I first sat down to think about the collection, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew exactly what I did not want: no black, no tomboy, no linings, no screen printing.Photography: Sabine Le Marchand
Styling: Lucila Meller
Hair & Make up: Hannah Lonergan
Model: Agathe Chapman @ Storm

Why plastic beads?

Cheap glamour is irresistible.

“Cheap glamour is irresistible.”

How did you avoid black?

 M.: I got really into pink. It took me a while, but the shortcut, I guess, is to watch Clueless and Legally Blonde several times, that should do.

What’s the playlist that your perfect girl listens to?

My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Nicki Minaj…..happy grunge and catchy plastic pink stuff.

Do you think it is possible for the fashion students to date during the final year?

Haha. I guess it is if you are organized enough…and if not too.

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