As we’ve been covering the white show for the past three years, we’ve decided to spice things up just a little bit for 2013. Don’t worry, it’s not as much of a shocker as the amount of visible ass we’ve seen backstage, smooth and hairy. As opposed to previous years, backstage definitely ran more smoothly this year. However, we’ve seen a few FCP students running around screaming to each other vague phrases about confetti gone wrong. It seemed to have gone right in the end, as you can probably find on instagram. We’ve seen chairs being dragged around as a part of costume, duvets that kept slender bodies warm (fall winter collections, you know the deal), beards (made us think of Prada menswear), gareth pugh-ish headpieces (instantly thought of Silencio’s Llorando, eskimo suits and Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet passing by.

The White Show has caused all 1st year students to appreciate the wonderful effects of coffee at 2AM, the delights of kebabshops that are still open at 4AM and the pleasure of 2 hours of sleep at 7AM before going back to college to continue the endless draping and patterncutting of white cotton and felt. A very good preparation for the rest of the four years yet to spend at 1 Granary square.

Illustration (GIF) by Florence Meunier

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