“I guess in a way I am being a little mean, and it’s hard not to sit there and laugh at people. I realise – on reflection of my wardrobe – that I am just as hilarious. I’m sifting out ‘the real’ from ‘the prescribed’ when it comes to crazy,” says Helen Bullock. She’s illustrated passersby (or rather ‘people who pose at the same set of stairs for hours’) at Somerset House‘s Fernandez&Wells, throughout London Fashion Week. We ran into her at the Marques’Almeida show; she wore bright yellow eyeshadow and her hair was a mixture of at least six colours. She continued about her illustrations, “Some people may have learned their looks from Topshop, a magazine or a popstar, but I’m looking for those who are genuinely idiotic. I’m of course into the beautiful as well, but you get the real kick from the ones that leave your jaw dropped.” Here’s a handful of the scribbles she made, observing people, with the odd side-note to slightly clarify.


It was just this ridiculously loud necklace. It took over.


Big crazy rainbow girl. Just couldn’t help but stare.


She was just terrifyingly FAAAAAaaaashion.


This turban lady impressed me with the amount of space she took up (not in an obese manner – there was a lot of volume, everywhere), The fluro headscarf was rather unexpected.1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_helen_bullock_illustration_london_fashion_week_ss157

Yep indeed. I kinda just like bad logos. It was Kenzo, apparently.

For more of Helen Bullock’s work, visit her helenbullock.com

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