Tell us about your background and how did you get into Central Saint Martins?

 I studied in Australia for 3 years before I got into Central Saint Martins Foundation course. I was really into fine art, so I was going to apply for the fine art courses. One day, when I was working at a cafe, I met this guy, who wanted me to model for his project. Then I heard about CSM fashion courses. After I researched about it, I thought that this is something I would like to do more than fine art.

Describe these past few years at CSM?

 Since Foundation, I didn’t have much knowledge about fashion. I didn’t know how to do the research, sketchbooks, moreover, I wasn’t even a good drawer, but what always made me try to push myself harder to study fashion was my motivations and inspirations that I got from my tutors and friends. I remember myself walking everywhere around London, trying to find new places and new people, and I really love it here in London, England. I feel this city is so free and all the historical things are just so amazing!

When you look back at yourself on the first year, what would you advice to yourself now?

Be more creative and work like its my final collection. Basically, try everything! I realized that things get much easier if I know how to deal with them…if I tried more in the first two years, no matter if it was good or not, I could still reference it in my work in the future.

Did you do a sandwich year?

I didn’t do my sandwich year. I am sure that it would have been really helpful if I did it before starting my final year. However, I also think that having a personal collection is really about myself. So, if I don’t have much experience or if I’m not good enough in skills compared to others, I believed that this very point could be my concept or even a style of my own collection. The graduate collection is really about you, so how good you are could mean who you are.

Please tell us about your final collection.

It is inspired by Charles dickens novel “Great Expectations” and it’s character Miss Havisham. However, my final collection is about this girl who lives with the trees. I always had her as my main inspiration for the last few projects. The girl who inspires me is just an imaginary character, she might not be human and she is pure and free. I imagined her living in a forest where trees and flowers grow on her body. I thought this idea would be interesting to make into garments, and I really loved drawing trees and lines, so it was really fun working during the whole process. In fact, I was using lots of shredded and distressed lace for textures that look really like the trees, like the living trees that are still growing on her body.

What were the doubts during the whole process?

 I don’t think I had much doubts. I was only worried if I could finish it on time or not. Also, I remember one day when I felt so stuck that I couldn’t really make any good judgement. That’s all, but most of the time I enjoyed it.

What would you advice to the soon to be final years?

Be organized. Organize your helpers and your personal schedule because you will learn how to work with people and get things done on time. It is your collection, but also a part of your studies, so try for things that can improve yourself. The whole process will be really long and tough, so organize your time and use it well. It will affect your work in the end.

What did it feel like during the final show?

During preparations backstage, one of my garments was not worn properly and everything wasn’t fully stylized because the fitting time was too short. It was the most stressful moment looking at my garments not being fully ready and going out onto the runway. However, when models walked and everything finished, I totally loved the feeling of how it all, something that I put one year of my life in, was done in just 2 minutes. I felt like I saw the climax of everything during the show. It felt damn good! I still remember the excitement and how strongly I felt that I really wanted to do this again. Ha ha, yes!

What your parents think about your chosen career?

They don’t really worry too much about what I choose for myself. If I get a job, that will be my career, but if I can’t get a job, what can I do.. ? That is still my life! I just try to think free and my parents advise me. I guess if I can get a good career with good money, they will worry about me less. Ha ha.

What is for the future?

This is a difficult question!

I am not really sure. Each day I try to be stronger. My passion towards my studies of fashion means the most in my life. Sometimes, I worry because I will have to work someday and take on a lot of responsibilities at some point in the future. First you start something just for the interest, then it becomes your duty. I think it’s cool and I want to train myself to be tougher and work with more experienced people.

I am planning to work for few years. I am going to try for some companies in Europe, and hopefully, I’ll manage to extend my UK visa. I really want to know more about London and  other cities in Europe. I love the history and fashion here, so I want to stay here longer.

In three words, how would you describe your whole CSM experience?

Respect, Company, Fashion or Tutors, Friends, Study : )

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