Whilst going through all students’ sketchbooks at the graduate show this summer, I noticed the beautiful illustrations by Connie Lim, who studied Fashion Design with Marketing. It always stayed at the back of my mind and it thrilled me to find out she’s now developing fashion playing cards and that started a Kickstarter project to realize and finish someting she’s started 8 years ago.

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connie lim

How long does it take you to draw one card?
About a day?
Really? You’ve got 52 cards in total, right?
I have 9 more to draw.
How many years did it take you to finish?
I started around 8 years ago, was on and off and now I decided to finally finish the series.
Is there a tremendous difference between the starting point and now?
Yeah I think my style changed a lot as I grew older, that’s why some look different than the others. Especially my drawing skills.
Do you update the older cards or leave them in the original design?
I redrew couple of them because I couldn’t stand it, haha, it was just too bad.
Why did you essentially start it? Out of boredom?
It was a uni project from 2007 in my other art college I attended. From then on it’s never left me. It was always in the back of my mind that it would be nice one day to finish the whole deck.
How soon did you intend to finish the project?
I really had no idea, it was just a thought at the time. I still had uni to finish. And now I finally finished and decided that I wanted to get back to it, it’s very strange!
You graduated from FDM this summer, what are you doing in California now?
I’m devoting all my time into this project.

What are the plans after you’ve reached the goal and the cards go into production?
I definitely want to publish an art book, then go into print design. I think that’s the idea in my head.
What kind of art book? Do you have any ideas or concepts that interest you?
Just a compilation of all my artwork over the years.
Is that something in the near future or still far away?
I’m hoping very near!
Is it better to be in California to do this work than being in London?
Well, I feel like London has so much inspiration but in LA because I am from here, I have no distractions and just work constantly. It’s easier to focus whereas in London I want to explore and experience things on a daily basis.
How many hours do you work per day?
The average 10? But most likely more.
Hhow has the response been to the project?
It’s been great so far! But I’m still trying to get it out there, trying to make time for both drawing and PR is very difficult! But I get the best response on Instagram.
What’s your opinion on art? You talk about making more ‘accessible’ and intimate art.
Art is such a broad topic but to me, it’s such a personal subject. It’s what really defines me and gives me an identity. And as an artist I feel like sharing art is what makes me happy. And so I wanted this series to be interactive with my audience, something they can physically hold rather than see something on a wall behind a plexi glass.
At what point do you think one can call himself/herself an artist?
It’s very subjective but in my opinion, I think it’s that level where you begin to question yourself about why you do what you do. It’s not about drawing a pretty picture but figuring out the meanings behind it. From then on it can take a lifetime to figure out but as long as there is that curiosity, I think it’s the starting point.
When was the starting point for you?
I think it was last year when I really questioned myself as an artist and what was meaningful to me. Also, graduating pushes you to rethink yourself as an individual and what’s next in life. And that is why I came back to the cards. To finish what I started, really!
How does art define you and give you an identity?
Basically, it’s the only thing I know. Since I was young, it was all I’ve been doing and from that I developed myself. Without it, I think I would be lost. As cheesy as that would sound.
What disgusts you in art?
Disgusts? It’s quite a strong word!

connie lim2

Yes! Strong words are great!
Honestly, I don’t really get disgusted because I try to take everything in as is and accept that people have different opinions. But I guess I do get annoyed by pretty pictures with no depth and argument to it. I feel like it diminishes the value of people who trained so hard in their craft.
It seems like there’s a lot of them out there these days though.
Yeah with all the technology and whatnot.
How do you think that people are reacting differently to art because it’s so widespread?
It’s definitely out there in your face 24/7 with the web and social medias that to me, it’s not as appreciated as much as even a decade or two back. I can’t see two exhibitions in the same day because my mind would be clouded with information. I guess it’s the same, too many visuals to process, it’s hard to take it all in.
How about browsing through your instagram/tumblr/facebook/twitter/pinteret feed? That in itself is 60 galleries in one day- information overload…
It definitely is, I try to limit myself when I’m checking these things, or my brain gets fried! Of course looking at it the other way, it’s great because you have instant access to inspiration.

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