Leutton Postle presented their collection in the basement of Hix Soho. A dark lit bar where taxidermy animals posed on the bar to prey on your Margaritas and Fishdogs. Apart from the fact that they nailed the setting downstairs, the collection doesn’t disappoint either, especially if you were a fan of last season’s collection. We predict the pink furry sweaters will fly off the shelves.

REJINA PYO (watch in HD!)

In a way, Rejina’s new collection shifts away from the previous, which you can still catch a glimpse of at the Korean Embassy near Charing Cross. Though more wearable, the garments continue to feature bold hues and high-quality fabrics like crêpe de chine. When I asked her to tell me something fun about her new collection and the designing process, this was her answer.


As you might have noticed, we are big fans of Faustine.French? We like that. Innovative? We love that. Jeans and bags made of copper and rayon? We adore that. Her collections always involve incredible amounts of hand dyeing, hand spinning, hand weaving, hand everything. She joked: “I can never do a fashion week without having blue hands.”

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