Tell us about your background and how did you get into Central Saint Martins?

Before going to CSM, I studied fashion design in Beijing for 2 years that improved my patterning and sewing skills. During that time, I also met some graduates of CSM who have encouraged me to study in CSM.

Describe these past few years at CSM? And how was your final year?

I feel like CSM provides the opportunities for me to do all kinds of designs. Apart from clothes, I also designed headwear, bag and other products. I even made a small architecture  model in the past project. As a student of FMD, we also had to be concerned about the marketing aspects and target consumers while designing.

Final year is a process that consists of self-denying and self-encouragement. It was the prefect time for me to evaluate my competencies and abilities.

Please tell us about your final collection.

The inspiration of my final collection comes from the portraits taken 200 years ago in China. The oversized shapes and unusual proportions of those costumes worn by people in the portraits has been reshaped down to create a contemporary feel and oriental aesthetics.

The 3D lenticular print depicts the dynamic movements of a swimming goldfish and a flower in bloom.

What were the doubts during the whole process?

Due to the lack of experience, sometimes I questioned myself whether I had made right decisions.

What would you advice to the soon to be final years?

Time management skill is very important. Also, you may be tired of your own designs and lose the sense of judgment after seeing the same garments for 6 months. You may even want to change all the designs and start all over again. So, self-trust is crucial.

What did it feel like during the final show?

Nervous and exciting. Also I couldn’t wait to see the reactions of the audiences. I treated the first collection as my own child. Whether it is good or bad, I always wish it to be approved by others.

What is on your playlist?

Tom Waits , Pink Floyd

What your parents think about your chosen career?

They are very supportive.

What is for the future?

There are lots of possibilities in the future. With my enthusiasm, I know that I will keep doing what I like.

In three words, how would you describe your whole CSM experience?

Passionate,   adventurous, enjoyable.

When you look back at yourself on the first year, what would you advice to yourself now?

Be more brave. I mean, it’s not like you would burn down the school.

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