Masami is so nice. Is it due to her fair nature, her Japanese origin or her artistic spirituality, Im not sure but she is so nice that even though she is very talented, if it was up to her, the whole interview would be a giant thank you note along a list of names. But it is not.

The point here is that Masami Fujimaki, a 2013 BA Knitwear graduate is also the joint winner of The Nina De Yorke Scholarship for Fashion Illustration.

The Nina De Yorke Scholarship for Fashion Illustration has been running for 20 years and is open to any student on an MA, BA or Graduate Diploma course that specializes in Fashion, Jewellery or Textiles at London College of Fashion or Central Saint Martins. This well respected annual competition has long encouraged and celebrated illustration, offering a generous cash prize for the winner.Picture 021 copy

Masami got it. The judges said her work demonstrates a wonderful delicacy and sensitivity of line, and a clear love of drawing.

Her art story is an interesting one. Born in suburban Tokyo in the early 80s, she was growing in the time when almighty Rei Kawakubo was making magic happen with Body Meets Dress. Then there was this accidental magazine interview where Louis Wilson was telling about the freedom going on behind CSM doors and Masami was sold on fashion.07

It turns out that her parents were not so sure however and she had to sign up for Art History in Tokyo, the closest to fashion that they were willing to pay for. /Note to parents: Don’t do that!/ True to Japanese persistence though Masami managed to save some money for the lets-be-fair-sky-high prices of UK education and came to London. Then there was a CSM Orientation Couse, Foundation Course and BA in Knitwear with lots of nice tutors along the way that helped Masami believe in her drawings more than her modest nature would let her.

Masami insisted we thank the people who helped her draw along the way, tutors Charlotte Mann, Sarah Gresty, Julie Verhoeven, all the BA Knitwear tutors, the  “Oh, and my Orientation course tutor who taught me everyone could draw”.

Masami recommended us a few live drawing classes that she likes attending around London: drop in life drawing class  happening in Bethnal Green which costs £5 for students ( and for the really determined ones the life drawing class at Prince’s Drawing School (

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