In February, we spoke with Minki Cheng about his past- and upcoming collections. This season’s garments are made of a mix of natural fibers and silicon, which combined gives a slight sci-fi meets Céline look. ‘Japanese garments repaired with beautiful stitching to strengthen the fabric,’ is one of Minki’s research points behind the collection; the main inspiration is fidgety. Cheng creates daring cuts with pretty unexpected detail, while keeping the colors fresh and pretty neutral. He states the collection to be about the relationship between people and material. “It’s about satisfying people’s urge from touching/wearing the material, like a biological and physical pleasure.” For 1 Granary, he shares research, sample making, illustrations and the final pieces.




Minki’s research includes many silicone-wool samples, which is a rather unexpected combination, but mixing odds isn’t something unusual for him. “It’s always about putting nature and artificial things together,” he says, mentioning the work of Florent Tanet as being one of his main inspirations behind this collection; building on the juxtaposing imagery of fake and real.

Seeing designer’s work spaces gives away a glimpse of their work ethic, which you can see is pretty neat in Minki Cheng’s case. Perhaps an inspiration for new room decoration? It’s nearly the start of a new term,  after all.


Photography by Kirill Kuletski

Lookbook Photography by Shan Peng

Styling by Stella Arion

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