We all know that CSM has more than a Wiki-page worth of ‘notable alumni’- it’s why most of us considered it worth listing as a UCAS choice. However, talk is cheap, written contracts are ephemeral, etc., etc., and this is fashion, where anyone can call themselves an Editor [albeit, of their own Twitter], so the physical traces of alumni speak louder than any number of claqueurs. Walking the [many, many…] stairs of SHOWstudio (their lift’s on the brink), and in and out of Nick Knight’s office, you’re faced with one at every turn, and these traces not only speak of the designers’ creativity and success, but of the unyielding support of industry figures such as Knight and Simon Foxton. Here are a few traces of CSM we tracked during our MA Graduates shoot (we may have promised a Foxy-Foxton #Belfie, but a #Selfie will do- for now, anyway!).

Traces of CSM at SHOWstudio 1

L: GILE GILES GILES; R: McQueen from Daphne Guinness’ collection

Traces of CSM at SHOWstudio 2

L: Galliano; R:BA & MA graduate designer and illustrator, Helen Bullock

Traces of CSM at SHOWstudio 3

L: 2011 MA graduate, Phoebe English; R: Not all traces of CSM are static… a shoe-selfie from Simon ‘Foxy’ Foxton

Watch the live-stream of our Issue 2 shoot with Nick Knight and Simon and Foxtton over on SHOWstudio now, and tomorrow from 9.30AM BST #TheGraduates


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