“Other smart watches have been geeky and unattractive but Apple has aimed for beauty first, tech second. Unlike previous gadgets it comes in multiple looks using six straps in different materials to coloured metal finishes,” the Independent wrote about the iWatch, which was released last night. What was the fashion world’s reception? And, more importantly, what did we ultimately dream the iWatch would be able to do? Illustrator Charles Jeffrey took to the drawing table and showed us his hopes for the tech innovation of the decade.


“The launch of three distinct collections – Apple Watch, Sport and Apple Watch Edition – mimicked the traditions of a fashion brand, with each collection aimed at a different demographic, with the latter clearly designed to capture the luxury fashion customer,” reported Rosie Swash at the Guardian, and a-ha, here we see Angela Ahrendts‘ involvement (Burberry Brit – Burberry London – Burberry Prorsum?).


GQ’s Daniel Dumas voices his opinion about the stylish side: “The Apple Watch certainly has a lot going for it from a technological standpoint, but we’ll never vouch for wearing a digital watch with a tux. If you have a special occasion coming up, opt for something classic… Remember; the Apple Watch is built to check emails. You don’t want your wrist lighting up with a message from the CEO when you’re toasting the groom.”


At times during the tech unveiling of the decade, social media was more entertaining – the iPhone 6 was released minutes before the iWatch, and immediately the scarf guy had been hyped up, and the iPhone 6 ridiculed (glitter dispenser et all).


The fashion world seems to be divided about the watch, according to Reuters, and so are we at the office, but as Lisa Armstrong from the Telegraph said: “the company is entering the style arena. It should be one hell of a show.”  A show we’re looking forward to see… What will be the young designer’s contribution to this new trend?


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