The White Show: having witnessed the entire process – from garment design to show organisation – first year fashion journalism student Lou’ana Carron and photographer Alexa Horgan felt it wasn’t quite finished: resulting in this year’s shoot. Several elements from the December show were integrated, such as the white painted feet from the show’s finale and bodies wrapped in cling film. This resonates with the main philosophy of protection from contamination, though no student is safe from the risk of getting infected by the fashion virus that dangerously floats around CSM.

Lee Hurst

2 Lisa Kuwabara3 Aled Owen 4 Left: Lisa Kuwabara| Right: Matthew Needham5 Left: Lee Hurst 6 Matthew Dyer 7Dress by Deanna Fanning| Headpiece by Aled Owen 8 Left: Sarah Balmont | Right: Ezoe Robinson

Photography by Alexa Horgan

Styling by Lou’ana Carron

Make up by Nicola Moores

Hair by Tuesday-Rose Mullings

Styling Assistant Ed Brooks

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