Frida Wannerberger is a magical creature-doll from Sweden. She currently studies graphic design at Central Saint Martins and is a very talented kid. Her illustrations are one of a kind of curious wonder, cuteness and femininity.

Frida has worked the colour pencils to illustrate her favourite designs of recent Central Saint Martins MA graduates, about whom we shall be posting interviews and sneak peaks of their sketchbooks and illustrations are coming soon!

As for Frida, it is a pleasure to introduce her in her own words:

”One part of me is extremely adventurous and a bit naive, and the other part is proper and values cleanness and extravagance, there is a clash and i feel i’m somewhere between halloween town and Fortnum & Mason. I love girls, women ladies and everything feminine it’s a never ending theme I could indulge in forever, or so it seems at the moment. Characters and the clothes they wear is what I want to draw. I like how outfits can contrast a character and confuse the people who meet them. Looking for aliens wearing fur etc.

Evolution fascinates me and I like to discuss theories about genetics and responses to the environment, there is a bit of that in my work too. I like to analyse.”


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