You might think that growing up in a tiny little village in the German woods wouldn’t make for a super successful fashion designer. But at only 19, first-year Fashion Design with Marketing Student Jegor Pister is already said to be ahead of some final years… So I had a little chat with this bright young talent about fleeing reality with fashion, toning it down when moving to London, and spreading happiness and love.

How did you first get involved with fashion?

When I was 14 I read an article about the German brand Prose in the newspaper. I went to their studio the same day and started interning for them. Miriam, the designer, taught me how to make patterns, how to sew – she taught me about the whole design process. Now we’re really good friends and whenever I’m in Germany we still work together.

You make a lot of clothes for yourself; when and how did that start?

It kind of just happened as soon as I got into the process of making clothes/garment construction at Prose. Obviously the first ones were pretty rubbish – there were loads of mistakes. But that’s the best way to learn, I guess. I still make a lot of clothes for myself – I made the trousers I’m wearing today. They’re actually women’s trousers I made for my coursework but I made them so I can wear them as well.

What inspired you at that time?

Before I started doing my own thing I was really inspired by other designers. The first one I really loved was John Galliano, probably because he had real vision; he was creating these entire worlds and that really triggered my imagination. And I just wanted to get away from the tiny village that I lived in and escape to a different world…

All photos by Jegor Pister

So at first fashion was a way to flee reality. And then you moved to London…

Yeah, and I didn’t want to escape anymore. I became a lot less rebellious, my whole process became more structured and my taste changed a lot as well.

How did it change?

Before it was just so… full-on. I would be wearing doll-like makeup, red shoes, latex trousers and a wide, voluminous blouse and curly hair. But now it’s more about the aesthetics. It’s not about being loud anymore. It’s about looking good… and feeling good! Fashion is about feeling good in what you’re wearing – and it’s like a flower in how it spreads happiness and love.Photo by Ryan Peterson, 1st year Graphic Design

What are the main things that inspire you now?

I find strong characters and personalities really interesting so I always create personas and worlds around them. They’re based on people I admire, mostly historical figures… I make clothes for different characters.

How do you create those worlds?

With the aspects of that person’s character. If they’re a very melancholic person for instance, I try to get into the mood and create a story that goes with it. I’ll then collage the story and sometimes I write as well.

What would be your ideal future?

I’d like to learn more about who I am, about my taste, about people and the world! I think it’s because of my age – I’m only 19 so I can’t really know everything just yet… Learning who you are just takes some time. The more you know yourself, the more confident your work looks. But I’m really just hoping to learn more about so much: the design process and fabrication, about the industry and how it works, how to collaborate with other people, how to organise photo shoots… About everything!

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