Designed by Edwin Mohney. Fashion Design Womenswear.

1G: Tell us about your White Project.

Edwin Mohney: My white project is very simple to describe: Its a massive, plastic white teeshirt that a drug dealer would wear when selling coke.


Edwin Mohney: I began the project thinking about my very first memories of art which were building paper airplanes. I would sit and fold paper for hours (I was a really boring child) and then would throw the planes I made to their doom down the stairs in my basement. Making art growing up was a total escape for me from the real world. This escapism became the initial inspiration for my research. I began by making tons of paper airplanes and abtract models based on photos I had taken studying the positive-negative spaces of planes. I found a lot of similarites between these shapes and graffiti art which itself is an esacpe from life. The idea for the over sized drug dealing tee shirt comes from the blend between the brutality of gang culture and the fragility of my childhood. The shape of the garment itself is a 900% scaled version of two models I combined from my research. In order to actually construct the garment I chose to coat the white cotton provided to us with gel resin turning it to plastic sheeting. The idea for this came from the plastic legos I played with as a kid. In all I just wanted to make something that was powerful and made me feel like I was 4 again.

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