‘We are slaves of objects around us’, might seem like a heavy topic for a graduate collection, but it’s exactly that which Ya Wen, second year MA Fashion student at the Royal College of Art, sets out to explore. Doesn’t it seem quite normal, for our generation, to become so attached to the (digital) objects around us? Think about the iPhone: hasn’t it pretty much become an extension of our bodies? There’s even an app that tracks how many times a day you check your phone — ideal for those who want to become more aware of their techno-OCD. Aren’t we dependent on our gadgets? Can we actually intern in an unknown city, and move around without Google Maps at hand?

On the flip side, bringing it back to the non-technological part: it will be interesting to see the critical enquiry that comes with the idea of wearing clothes. Are we slaves to the garments that we wear, or do we take ownership? And what does ownership of wearing clothes even mean for young designers? We’ll eagerly be waiting to see the outcome of Ya’s research and development on this topic, during the MA Fashion graduate show at the Royal College of Art in June.

1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_ya_wen_work_in_progress_Rca3 1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_ya_wen_work_in_progress_Rca2


All images courtesy of Ya Wen

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