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Please tell us about your White Project.

My White Project revolves around how I feel about colour and texture. I tried to be introspective, to find out what I wanted to express with the fabric. I wanted it to possess a sense of vulnerability, and to reveal not only visually, but psychologically as well. I cut the exterior into many pieces and made knots to reveal the softness of the felt on the interior.

When others look at it, they would think of…


What was the hardest thing about working all in white?

Finding a model.

What have you learnt from doing the project?

I learnt how to meet my own expectations and be my harshest critic while editing and planning efficiently.

How has your first term at CSM lived up to your expectations?

It was really great that we were able to achieve something substantial on our own.

My life would be complete if…

I could be honest about my emotions.

Photography by Phillip Koll and Oliver Vanes for 1 Granary


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