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Please tell us about your White Project.
My White Project is about Chinese ancient anatomy, and I chose the traditional border line as my starting point. After doing a thorough researching on Chinese traditional science, I discovered that a circle connects the elements to each other. Hence, my final garment comprised hundreds of circles. When I used a continual line to connect all the ‘acupuncture points’ around the entire body, I stumbled upon an unusual shape and I decided to use it as garment’s final silhouette. The messy plump texture is derived from the anatomical viscera.

When others look at it, they would think of…
Someone thought it was a flowering shrub, but I believe it suggests differently, in its various angles.

What was the hardest thing about working solely in white?
It was hard for me to use a single colour to show a sense of contrast. I could only manipulate shape and texture, and the integration of these two elements was also difficult.

What have you learnt from doing the project?
I learnt that time management and research are crucial aspects of a project’s development.

If a great internship required you to bleach your eyebrows, would you do it?
With pleasure.

My life would be complete if…
If I had more time to sleep.

Photography by Phillip Koll and Oliver Vanes for 1 Granary

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