Last night 1 Granary visited the wonderous home of our beloved Natalie Gibson, textile designer and print tutor at CSM. Natalie has been a muse to many generations of artists and designers, an inspiration to students and just a wonderful and kind person.  We came to interview Natalie for the first issue of 1 Granary Magazine, but we instantly managed to forget why we were there. As soon as the door closed behind us, the visual density of the place threw our minds off; there were so many beautiful, colourful, shiny, rusty, authentic objects everywhere, from all around the world! Fantastic textiles, paintings, massive wooden furniture, tiger rugs, ceramics: we won’t even try to recount further, but instead we’ll share  pictures of this magpie’s jewelery box home.

We were also welcomed by Natalie’s lovely cats, nine of them to be exact, and they purred as Natalie told us stories of her upbringing in Scotland and her bohemian youth, how she first started teaching at CSM, her outstanding students like Wakako Kishimoto, Sarah Burton, Galliano, Chalayan, and how she used to stretch the screens and mix the dies herself.  Natalie believes that CSM is truly a very special and unique place, and she loves the students and her colleagues like a family. 1 Granary believes that Natalie Gibson is one of those people who make CSM special. We would like to thank her for her hospitality, for showing us personal pictures with her wonderful former students, for sharing her stories with us and for inspiring us to ditch the colour black!

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