Our ‘as nuts as a Snickers’-writer Harriet Verney is back with more inside chitchat from Granary Square. Last time, Harriet spoke about Korean fashion and drinking six cups of tea per day with second-year BA Print student Goom Heo (who allegedly was one year old at the moment she was born), this week Harriet interviewed New York native Edwin Mohney.

Who is he?  A 22-year-old womenswear student in his Second Year.  From: Buffalo, New York. Loves: Tie Dye and rubber. Hates: Cheesy Milk.

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[twocol_one]Harriet: How much money do you have in your bank account?

Edwin: (Long Pause)….Like…enough!

Have you done any internships yet?

A short one in NY. And I just finished a 6 month one with Craig Green. Craig was really good. It was just after the previous show with all the tie-dye. I went to the interview and they were like: “So, basically you’re just going to be tie-dying a lot.” We did 350 meters of tie-dye! Good tunes, nice people- we kind of beat the crap out of some fabric. [/twocol_one]

How was the other internship?



It was a small start-up company in New York.  She made everything out of rubber.  It was all fetish, I mean, that’s what she did on the side, to pay for things. Then she did a collection that was more… ‘wearable.’ It was all in the back of her studio apartment, and everything was, like, super dodgy!

Okay… So did you have to try them on and test them out or….?

No! It was weird. We had doctors and lawyers come over, and she also had these fetish parties, where they’d strip butt-ass naked in the studio…

…and you’d just be there sewing….

Yer and gluing… She left a lot of ball gags and things around. Lots of weird sex toys.

Erg. Did you have to clean them?

Oh no, she had a slave! Like a submissive partner once in a while. I’d hear stories… “so and so is coming over and they just LOVE cleaning my bathroom!”

Gosh!  It would be quite nice just to have a slave to clean your loo…

Yeah, just to wipe your ass…

What are you going to do after Central Saint Martins?

My goal has always been to work for myself, to start my own company. It’s such a broad and cheesy cliché thing to say…

Do you think that it will happen?

Yer. I’m determined it will happen sometime in my life. Whether it will happen straight away or not, I don’t know.

Where are you going for placement year?

Don’t know. Placing my bids wherever… I want to go somewhere really… nice?!  Trying to find the balance between good experience and a good name. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton…

Drugs and fashion: how do they mix?

Oh god, I’m such an uptight person! If I have a spliff, or a line or anything my body goes into (imitates a sicky burp heart attack). It all gets sloppy!

What are you afraid of?

Two things.  One’s a deep meaningful life-thing; the other is just plain weird.

Okay the weird thing first…

I’m petrified of Cheesy Milk(silence)

And the other?

I don’t want to be forgotten.

Gotten curious about Edwin’s tie-dye experience? Have a look at Craig Green’s SS14 collection here or have a look at the straight-outta-MA interview we did with him in 2012.

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