We love Frida Wannerberger at 1Granary. The last time we saw her she wore lots of pink; very nice contrast, that shifting away from London’s pre-decided fall/winter colors black-navy-grey. We came around some of her most recent work on her website and, well, naturally we wanted to share it with you. It’s gritty-pretty, don’t you just love a bit of moodiness in fashion illustration? It reflects the modern fashion world so well!


What are your dreams usually like? Do you always remember them?
Yes, I always remember them, I noticed I dream in different languages, Swedish or English depending on who’s in my dream. Usually it’s quite dramatic and it’s often a rescue mission. I remember though some shopping related dreams after being abroad. One night I dreamt I had loads of money to spend, but the market I went to only sold the toys you get in McDonalds’  happy meals. The next night I dreamt I was in this amazing market with beautiful things- but all my money was the wrong currency…
That sounds very nightmarish. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, bathing in sweat, searching for the meaning of it?
It’s usually pretty clear what it all comes from, I can usually trace it to what’s going on in my life, but I’m a bit distressed by the fact that it’s always so dramatic! Because I don’t see that link to my life haha!

So when you’re in need of some retail therapy, what is your go-to thing to spend money on? (Clothes, art, replica medieval weaponry, etc)
Ah… I believe in investments, and a good, wonderful book that captures what you’re into at the moment is really the greatest investment. You will always love them, and look back and think “oh right, that’s what I thought back then, that’s why I believed”. Then also I like to buy make-up, that’s when I spoil myself.
You don’t believe in Kindles?
For disposable texts!

Is there any real purpose to life?
Yes. It’s to pass life on, and in the meantime be who you are, take up your place in the universe, because if everyone fills their own place, there’s enough room for everyone! That’s why my physiotherapist said! Even though he was kind of acting as my psychotherapist…
It sounds like you’ve got profound convos whilst stretching and having you back cracked.
You have been given supreme overlord of the earth. What is the first law you enact?
Oh, make evolutionary biology education a high priority. Hoping it would cancel out all suppression and inequalities… Also make sure all building are beautiful and sponsor research in telepathy and try to invent real magic!
What’s the strangest YouTube video you’ve ever watched?
I fell in love with this short clip of a Russian monkey in ski suit, he’s trying to jump in the snow and gets super exhausted from it.

Can you cry under water?
I have NEVER tried that! I have no idea!
What came first, the fruit or the color orange?
The fruit- individuals cared more about the fruit before they cared about the color.

Britney, Mozart or Kanye?
Mozart and Britney.
Which actress would play you in a movie about your life?
Eeek that’s hard! My friend said I sound like Scarlett Johansson in ghost world.. So maybe she could do the voice over, and maybe it would be a Tim Burton clay animation?
What’s the best animal in the world (apart from ski suited monkeys)?
Hehe, I really dont like animals, but I had a ‘domestic’ rat when I was younger, Sixten was his name. He had golden fur!


What is your favorite song?
At the moment it’s any chapter of the Harry Potter audio book… It that counts?

Name something you should never do naked.
I would never be naked and still wear one thing! Like be completely naked ok, but be naked and wear a hat or have a bag, I wouldn’t want to do that.
If you could be any household item for a week, what would you be?
A coffee cup. Hot, and someone’s drinking from you a bit here and there, and you’re always in the center of action. And you meet guests!

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