Sometimes the monotony of dragging yourself up Kings Cross Boulevard and braving it through the day on a diet of caffeine to finish your degree, makes you forget that there is actually life outside of 1 Granary Square. As such, we jumped at the chance when Harriet Verney, niece of the much loved Isabella Blow, offered to swing by and help us out with our job. As wild at heart as CSM’s student body, Harriet claims to speak ‘computer’, allegedly climbed trees in couture McQueen in her youth, but most importantly writes and styles as nuts as a Snickers. She’s a face you might recognise from SHOWstudio‘s live panel discussions, or simply because she’s just got a bit of a Courtney Love vibe (yes, we hope she finds a plane too). Harriet is a voice that will return to speak here every week.

Who is she?  A 22 year Korean Studying fashion print. Loves: Tea , England and not being a ‘typical Asian.’ Hates: having to dye her hair black.

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Harriet: Can you tell me your name, age and what your doing here?

Goom: 22 (I think) it’s different in Asia compared to here. So I don’t really know, I think I’m 22.

Wait, so, when you came out your mum’s watsit, you were 1 year old?


What are you studying?

Fashion Print, 2nd Year.

Any internships?

I’m working for this freelance designer now. She’s worked for Prada and Miu Miu . [/twocol_one]

What’s she like?

Very calm; she’s cool. She’s Asian. I kinda think Asians work harder (ed note: Goom would like to clarify that Brits aren’t so bad either; they just have bad teeth*). I mean, if you go to the library here, everyone’s Asian. We pay more; that’s probably why they’ve accepted us here. I mean, I don’t really work hard!

goom 2

What are you doing at the moment?

An Ethical project. I’m quite fucked.

You’re hungover?!

No I’ve done no work! I just go and have tea with my friends. I drink like 6 cups of tea a day.


What do you see yourself doing after CSM?

I don’t know. I want to be anywhere except Korea. I don’t want to go back .

Why not?

Fashion…it’s not big there, it’s quite boring. I think I am quite different to most Korean people. They don’t really understand me. Like how I dress. I could go back and get a job. But in terms of fashion and art, I don’t want to go back.

Why do you think you are different?

I’m not even that different. They just think the way I dress is quite crazy. In Korea, I do not dress up. Only in all black, very boring. But still people look at me and go “What the fuck is that?!” I have to dye my hair black when I go there. I haven’t been back for a few months because I didn’t want to dye my hair!

68 7-1

So the end goal… Is your aim in life to get your own fashion line?

I want to go on MA, but I’ve heard some horrible things about it…

Oh tell me!

It’s strict, very hard work…the tutors… Apparently “she” doesn’t like Asian girls so… The worst are Asian girls and the best are the poor English Boys. Apparently once, only Korean helpers went to help a Korean girl there and she was like “Ching Chong, blah blah get the fuck out of my studio.”

(Another student chimes in to the defense of the mysterious tutor) “In a way she has a point, she was shouting at a girl who had been here for 6 years and couldn’t speak a word of English.”

What are you afraid of?

Getting kicked out of this country…

Do you think that is going to happen?

Yes, I can’t afford the work Visa. Most of my friends here went back to their home countries. It’s a typical thing to do. Finish school here, go back there get a job and stay there for the rest of your life…


* Ed note: I’m English, I can complain about my own teeth.

Photography: Rebecca Thomas 

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