Paula Canovas, a second year Fashion Print student, occasionally makes appearances on Meadham Kirchhoff catwalks. Yet, beside being breathtakingly beautiful, her sketchbooks are a treat for the eye. First memory of fashion? Being forced to wear a pair of painful Dr Martens when she was six. Best lazy Sunday breakfast? Poached eggs in an Australian cafe in Dalston. Remember this picture? Yeah, that’s Paula. She dances at our parties without fail and is pleased to meet you.

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Why did you choose to study print and not a different course?

I applied to Print as well as Womenswear. My tutors were always really insistent in me choosing print, because they thought I was more suitable for the course. I was really stubborn and had fixed in my mind the idea of getting in to Womenswear case it was ‘the best course’. I didn’t get an interview for it, but got offered a place at print. Looking back, I’m glad I’m doing print.

What aspect do you like most about print?

How a simple “free transform” in Photoshop can change a look entirely, and the constant weight of having to balance shape, print pattern and color pallet. Nightmare sometimes, but really interesting when you like challenges.

What would you be studying if not fashion design?

There are so many things that I would have liked to study. Definitely something involved with craft. Or Special Effects?

Do you have any daily routines?

Big breakfast. Poached eggs, orange juice, toasts or muesli with fruit salad and green tea, A LOT of green tea

and nap. Even if its only 15 minutes. Sometimes I’ve ended up in really strange places because of napping.

If you would go out for breakfast on Sunday morning, where would you go?

There is an amazing Australian cafe in Dalston. Poached eggs on toast with avocado.

What’s your bar destination?

Ridley Road Market or Goomies open-bar.

Holiday destination?

Anywhere by the sea and some sun.

Favorite 3 french movies?

I recently watched “Paris Belong to Us”, not bad. “La Haine” amazing soundtrack and Amelie (kidding).

Oxfam or Dior couture?

I have no choice… Oxfam!

Who is your favorite designer?

I don’t have a favorite designer. I appreciate a variety of them for different reasons. I really admire Craig Green for his bold approach to shape.

Any favorite artists?

Juan Genovés. It’s really interesting how his paintings have developed with time, like he had been stepping back from them within the years. He started experimenting with huge and almost cellular-like shapes and now it seems you look at his work from an airplane.

Cactus or bright flowers?

Cactus. They last. 

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