Making a magazine is one of those jobs that quite a few people want but then after a while you’ve had it up to here and want to scream. Especially when it is a student magazine so you don’t get a salary to keep your mouth shut and your hands busy.


Sometimes your home country would have riots, the Rolling Stones would have their Glastonbury debut aged 69 or there would be just a really great party in a castle in Somerset or Marrakech. That’s when you don’t want to write and upload. So we had a break.

We, the Grannies, went to Glastonbury, Morocco, France, Antwerp and Ukraine, stayed waisted for days and were not very consistent online-magazine makers for a while. Indeed we did nothing but recover from hangovers on various flights. But then again June has the holiday beat in it, I mean, London getting a little bit warm and what is it with everyone having their birthdays in summer? Sex as a winter warmer, I guess..ermm autumn. Either way this results in lots of spirits being opened at our 1Granary office.1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_students_summerbreakers_summer_fun_1004

Indeed we have an office now, so it is all for real and grown-up and we feel very high-hat about it so we are ready to work. The plans include a second 1Granary Magazine in November and many designer interviews, photoshoots and blog fun. Our real estate expansion also means an in-house photo studio, life drawing lessons, evening talks with designers and industry people, PARTIES and /fill in your ideas here/.1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_students_summerbreakers_summer_fun_1014

So here is an appeal:

Dear all, CSMers,

For all of you who like us and even more so for those who don’t, please, join in with ideas and projects and help us make 1Granary your magazine, we would like it to be a representation of the college and a democratic one, so do get involved.
Let us be your bitches and do the stuff you would like to see. Smart bitches though.

Drop us your opinion at [email protected] or come over for a chat at our Shoreditch office. There is always diet coke.


1Granary Team


1Grannary Issue 1, The Birth Place has now been restocked at TATE Modern, Magma, Artwords, Serpentine Gallery, Foyles, Sommerset House, SHOW STUDIO, Harvey Nichols, Opening Ceremony and many other cool bookstores around London.IMG_5880

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