This year, as part of the London Design Festival 2013, nine Central Saint Martins design graduates joined arms to showcase under the group-name, CSM Invasion. This year’s CSM Invaders took to The Do Shop, Covent Garden to takeover the store, and display their graduate collections. We caught up with the nine designers individually to find out more about them, and what inspires their work.


Brazilian-born Carolina Peraca moved to London in 2007, and is inspired by both her travels and the simple beauty of combining design and functionality. Her collection of gift boxes combine porcelain with copper and brass, creating a smooth and streamlined, yet contrasting surface. We spoke to Carolina as she set up for the London Design Festival 2013 with her fellow 2013 graduates, and invaded Covent Garden design store, The Do Shop.

Hi Carolina, explain your aesthetic for our readers. 

My aesthetics are simple, functional and beautiful. Whenever I create a new object or work on a project, I use these words as my concepts.


Why gift boxes in particular?

I tend to make objects that I would like to have in my house or give to my friends and family. The boxes can be filled with chocolate, sweets, jewellery- and they are great gifts!

The marbled effect is really beautiful. Can you explain the processes used to create it?

Often I use body stain to colour the clay. The marbled lines are created when I add a bit of coloured slip to the white slip bucket. I use a spoon or a brush, depending on how much I want to add. But it is only when the slip is poured [into] the mould that the lines move, and create the effect. I can control if I want subtle lines or very strong, but I can’t make the exact same lines again. Each piece is unique.

Why the choice to contrast the matte-surface porcelain against smooth, polished metal?

It is unusual to see ceramics and metal combined. The shiny metal contrasts with the polished matt surface of the porcelain.The boxes are only glazed inside to create this distinction.


I know you are from Brazil, having only moved to England six years ago. Would you say your travels have particularly influenced your work?

I’ve travelled a lot in the past six years! Some cities that I have visited [have] inspired my work. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Barcelona are some examples. I found exciting shapes, colours and materials that, [yes, have] influenced my work.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to study ceramics at CSM?

You need to believe in your instincts and ideas. Develop the projects, listen to the tutors advice, and create something that makes you happy above all.


And finally, what’s next for you, Carolina?

New challenges, new projects, new city. But before, I will enjoy my last few weeks in London.

Carolina, and the CSM Invasion group are exhibiting their graduate collections in The Do Shop, Covent Garden from Saturday 14th-22nd September.

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