A little while ago, we spoke with Yuki Agriadi, whose furniture design stood out at the graduate show a few months ago. It stood there, in solitude, a spotlight shining on it in a barely lit room, which was mostly filled with Jewellery from the same MA course (Ceramics, Furniture or Jewellery).

AGR mutual interspecies invitation

 A good concept is one that simply makes him smile. But if that is not enough, just smiling, imagine what it must be like to have a “brain bursting with fireworks, repeatedly screaming: why didn’t I think of that!” What one ought to basically think of is that good concepts may as well be like running around in a crazy asylum, possibly reenacting Girl, Interrupted a little bit. Breaking into rooms; raiding patterns, finding genius ideas that aren’t yours. It makes me think about an old tale of the genius being a spirit that just floats around in order to embody a lucky fellow.

Alass, that aside, he believes that people think of him as ‘a species on its way to discover’ when they would see his work as a collective. When we get to the point of discussing art, he proclaims that John Martin’s triptych paintings “The Great Day of His Wrath”, “The Plains of Heaven” and “The Last Judgment Day”, which he saw for the first time in 2012, are very intense, dramatic but yet so sublime and beautifully poetic. “I feel very small as a human there.”

MA Design (By Project): Ceramics, Furniture or Jewelry had been the best option for him, as the tutors really pushed him to find his self-awareness; become more confident and proud of what he was doing. Not surprising, with nearly each MA student I’ve spoken to crying to me about how their hair falls out and telling tales of being unable to sleep at night, for haunting visions of tutors will appear. Scary stuff. “I was looking for an MA furniture course where the process is driven by the idea I proposed at the beginning. This would give me more understanding about the way I think, learn and aware about myself as a designer and artist.” he continues.

So, what about that hair falling out? Stressful deadlines? Building the final MA pieces was when he had the hardest time, because the workshop was closed during the Easter break… “My final submission was the first day after the break, therefore I had to finish everything before the break. On top of that we didn’t have enough space to work, or money, but we found a smart way to work in the building during the holidays.”


We all know Saint Martins isn’t all about the bleak things in life, so what were the great things, then? “Winning the Palladium Vision jewelry competition at London Fashion Week, getting internationally published in Vogue and New York Times, exhibiting my work in V&A, and displaying my MA work on London Design Festival.” Yes, we see the list is long. But the best part, Yuki tells, “So many good things happened during my time in CSM. But the best part is actually making friends. Meeting friends from different countries and cultures also mean experiencing surprises, clashes and different ways of thinking and behavior. These have been a good supplement for my professional career.”

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