Ami Masamitsu


A material called glycerin soap has been found to possess sustainable and ephemeral characteristics. It is not only known to contribute to our hygiene, to be risk-free with respect to our skin and environment but it also vanishes over time without leaving any traces.



Lucie Davis


We find ourselves swept away into the privileged world of dust here, compelled to reconsider ‘the lowliest of things’ as a powerful and valuable form of matter in its own right. In removing it from the dustbin of history, it has been unearthed as a newly perceived form that ultimately unites us all, as well as showing us how it captures a wealth of information (not only holding a rich history, but a strong future too) tracing our daily lives throughout the world.



Maria Mungsommai


Greek marble sculptures are emblems of idea beauty. This headpiece is designed to turn the wearer into a marble sculpture. Objectifying the human whilst transforming organic material(milk) to inorganic(stone) – turning natural into artificial.

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