[quote ]”It’s so good, it’s so good, have you been downstairs already? Yeah you must go, it’s really good.” [/quote]

Without meaning to sound cocky, we overheard a lot of comments like this at our exhibition launch, between pouring champagne, sliding past each other through doors, and amongst the smokers outside. It was much the same even when it was quiet, with spectators whispering approval in the dark, whilst Alex Anikina’s Some Entropy in Your Tea played.

To say that the private view of our 1 Granary x Display London exhibition, curated by Sasha Burkhanova was a success isn’t quite an overstatement. The high-volume of guests vying for space in the already packed venue was testament to that. It was a night of celebration, with artists, designers and the launch’s invitees excited over glasses bubbling to the brim with champers, ‘clinks’ punctuating ‘congratulations’, and bringing long-time graduates together again.

With a live performance atop Laura Ghrany’s platform the visible polestar of proceedings, I Where A Dress‘s collection of conceptual art and design was welcomed to a bustling and titilated crowd, keenly Instagramming and Tweeting the night’s buzz. Our artists were on the receiving end of a deservedly warm reception, and can rest assured that their work will continue to be enjoyed by a broad and diverse audience in the month to come.

[tweetable]I Where A Dress, curated by Sasha Burkhanova is on Display at 26-28 Morley House, Holborn until 18th November.[/tweetable] It’s just a shame you missed out on the free booze…1 Granary x Display London #IWhereADress

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