Connie Lim, aged 26 is from Los Angeles California. Originally, an illustrator, she attended Art Center Pasadena College of Art and Design. There she met Nancy Regielmen, author of “9 Heads”, and through her class fell in love with fashion and fashion illustration. Through her guidance, she ended up in CSM in Fashion Design and Marketing.

Throughout her studies she works as a freelance illustrator with various clothing companies and was featured in couple of fashion art books such as Gestalten’s Beautiful, and Martin Dawber’s Bigger Book of fashion. She had also worked on illustrations for D&G’s Swide Magazine, which was released in August.

She also interned with Giles Deacon to learn the behind the scenes aspect of fashion and worked on couture garments that were related to beading. This year Connie is doing her final collection, which she will show in the may 2013 and for which we have huge expectations.

“The best thing I have learned in CSM is the thought process and the embracement of creativity. Working with like-minded creatives I feel I have the opportunity to explore myself as an individual and I think St Martins is a place that focuses on that aspect.

What I like about FDM is that it is an additional aspect to fashion design and a bonus that we learn how to survive with our craft in the real world.

My fashion hopes and dreams are not very extravagant but as long as I can draw what I feel and see it come to life, it is a great satisfaction for me.”

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