At first glance, we might think these are just ordinary Hermès scarves, then we realize the images are pixellated, and blurred.
You are looking at I Where A Dress artist, Conall McAteer’s work ‘The Price of Everything’, which is a series of scarves with found images of counterfeit Hermès scarves printed on them. The images however, are all collected online and enlarged to the scale of an original. This explains the pixellation; a reference to the images’ source.
These pieces of art remind us of an everyday experience that we are all familiar with- obtaining information from the internet. It guides the viewers to reflect on the drawbacks of this convenient habit; are we all getting so comfortable with utilising the virtual world that we are refusing to go out and experience the real one?
The scarves are reproduced on silk twill, a material used to produce the real Hermès products. By merging the digital, and the tangible, Conall explores the limitations of the digital world and more importantly, the value of an object. The Hermès scarf is obviously a very desirable item for many, with this desirability reflected in its price, but also with the abundance of counterfeits available on the black market.
The prints on Conall’s scarves may all pixelated and distorted, but they stand on their own with a unique beauty in their geometric ambiguity. Should the value of the piece be considered as lower than the original Hermès scarf because it is a reproduction of a forgery? Or is it the other way round? You tell us. #IWhereADress

Conall’s work is on display at Display London, 26-28 Morley House, Holborn until 18th November. #IWhereADress

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