23The confrontational vision of Polish-born Jan Manski’s multi-disciplinary projects explores the fundamental elements of the contemporary individual’s fixations. By combining his skilful, macabre productions with a little bit of humour, Mankin manages to reference modern culture, mythology and history in an ambitious way.
Through his work, Manski channels the most narcissistic traits of our society as a disfiguring force, driving us into a self-destructive future of unattainable perfection. With a meticulous sense of detail and feeling for the grotesque, Manski’s ‘alternative universe’ is downright disturbing. But inevitably there’s no pleasure without pain, and what follows in Manski’s invented world is a state of gradual disfiguration and destruction brought on by ourselves. Such is the price to pay for our obsession with vanity.


Jan’s work is on display at Display London, 26-28 Morley House, Holborn until 18th November. #IWhereADress

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