Clean lines, modernist architecture, and boldness might be a few of the things that come to mind when considering the work of Central St. Martins aluma, Rejina Pyo. It’s all of these attributes that make Rejina Pyo’s work so graphically appealing, and which are evident when viewing her Central Saint Martins MA graduate collection.

The contrast between the free flowing fabric and the dark wooden sculptures, and between the neutral nudes and blacks that distinguish the bright pops of red, blue, yellow and green, create a visually dynamic and intriguing experience for the viewer. The linear cut of the cloth allows for the fabric to drape easily along the natural contours of the body, and the female form to be considered only in a way that the weight of the falling fabric might allow. These natural female forms are then juxtaposed in the display with the dark wooden sculptures upon which they hang, some of which are reminiscent of the contrived reproduction of the female body that is the standard mannequin form. This juxtaposition may lead the viewer to consider and question the ideals of female sexuality set out by the fashion industry, and in-turn make them appreciate how these clothes, with their atypical feminine forms are still incredibly appealing.
The subtlety and minimalism of these pieces is confident and straight-forward, yet they have the ability to say so much while seemingly doing quite little. With the recent launch of her eponymous line, Rejina Pyo continues to push the boundaries of design through experimenting with form and colour in subtle, yet effective ways.

Rejina’s work is on display at Display London, 26-28 Morley House, Holborn until 18th November. #IWhereADress

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