Fashion Weeks are over, and you must’ve heard by now (this is our third post) that we’ve been looking back on our season favourites- with a Central Saint Martins bias– through the eyes of CSM graduate and illustrator, Yingqi Wang.


We’ve also plucked sentiments from the season’s most engaging reviews, and featured them with Yingqi’s art. For the final of our Fashion Week picks, we’ve looked to Never Underdressed News Ed, Harriet Walker‘s review of Spring/ Summer ’14 McQueen.
Commenting on the features derivative of South African Shangaan culture, and some crackin’ Storm-Trooper shoes, we figured Storm-Trooper vacationing in the Namibian outback” wouldn’t be far off a succinct synopsis.

Can we also suggest sticking those shoes in front of a green-screen, and featuring in a 3D film (there are some ace* bicolour-anaglyph boots)?

Thanks to Yingqi for her Spring/ Summer ’14 illustrations. You can check out more of her art and narrative-strips here.

* Ed note: “Ace”? Yes. It’s 1989.

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