1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_emma_lofstrom_1000 1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_emma_lofstrom_1001 1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_emma_lofstrom_1002One of our favourite pencil-armed collaboratiors, illustrator Emma Lofstrom is in action again. This time she and artist Irene Fuga are joining forces for a Ministry of Love.

Emma Lofstrom is a BA Graphic Design graduate and she and Irene meet on the MA Communication Arts & Design course at the Royal College of Art in 2008. They respectively live and work between Stockholm and London, Venice and they have decided to work on an ongoing collaborative platform that will be presented for the first time at Guest Projects in London in July 2013.

Ministry of Love is a collaborative project where through drawing, sound and installation, Emma and Irene explore feeling, human relationships, and sensorial experience in a time when physical encounters are filtered by online communication. In an era where social networks and virtual profiles are impacting on human connections and relationships, their work focuses on the re-evaluation of the physical sphere versus the virtual.

Brain gym and eye candy in one. Highly recommended.

Visit between 07-28 July, 2013 at Guest Projects, London

1 Andres Road, E8 4QL



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