“For a street wear brand to be so influential in so many different sub-cultures for the past three decades, and still going strong and moving forward, I think it’s incredible.” This is final year BA Fashion Design and Marketing student, Kiko Kostadinov‘s take on Stüssy, the streetwear label Kostadinov recently hooked up with to produce a capsule collection sold through SHOWstudio.

It all came about after Stephen Mann commissioned Kiko to create two custom Stüssy sweatshirts for a Clash magazine editorial. Founder of Gimme5, Michael Kopelman picked up on the idea from there, and asked Kiko to continue to reinvent the streetwear classic for an official collaboration with the revered brand.

Inspired by the early work of American artists Richard Serra, and Lawrence Weiner, whose series ‘Displacement’ also inspired the collection’s title, Kiko reworked the Stüssy style by quite literally cutting up the classic sweatshirts, and sewing them back together in an unexpected and spontaneous way.
“It is about distorting the widely recognised Stüssy logo, [working it] into something that is still recognisable, but questions the viewer’s assumption of how the logo should look,” Kiko explained. “I was asked to have fun and just do whatever I want. I think the amount of freedom I was given says a lot about what Stüssy represents as a label.”
If you fancy a piece yourself though, we’re sorry to tell you that Kiko’s rebellious, and characteristically cool collection turned out to be an unprecedented success. “The collection sold out in less than four hours!”. Here’s hoping it’s just the first of many Kiko-Stüssy hook-ups then.

Photography by Dexter Lander


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