If you’ve ever passed through the Foundation at CSM, you’ll no doubt remember the infamous ‘Alter Ego’ project, in which you dig deep,  call upon your inner animus, and live publicly in the guise of whatever or whomever you aspire to be… ours reveals itself unwittingly, when the heavens open, and we publicly scamper ’round as pissed-on rats.

This year’s foundation students, however, had more imaginative ideas when it came to assuming alter egos, like Mila van der Linden, and her ‘Ghetto Geisha’, featuring in the strip below. If you like what you see, GOOD NEWS, because Mila will be back next Friday with another strip as part of her new gig as our resident-illustrator.
Let us know what you think (and whether your alter-ego’s more likely a classy bird, or immoral miscreant…). ‘Til then, HAPPY FRIDAY.



Illustrations by Mila van der Linden

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