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Please tell us about your White Project.1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_horace_page_02

I based my research on Marshall Applewhite, who was the leader of the Heaven’s Gate cult that became notorious in the late nineties, after all 39 members commited suicide in a strangely similar way. I created a character in my sketchbook of a figure with complete control over his followers. He also resembled the idea of a false prophet. He believed that civilization was about to be ‘recycled’ at the turn of the millennium. By committing suicide, they would be transported onto a UFO and they’d all be saved. In my final piece, I treated the garment’s surface to look like it had been cracked or eroded. The ambiguous figures that are attached to the oversized gloves, came from the idea that this man was the puppeteer of his disciples.

When others look at it, they would think of…

Perhaps something sinister, and hopefully some of the things I based it on.

What was the hardest thing about working solely in white?

Trying to not get it dirty while making the whole thing, and concentrating on texture to create surfaces when designing.

What have you learnt from doing the project?

To not get too held up by small details.

How has your first term at CSM lived up to your expectations?

It’s been a weird combination of enjoyment and stress at the same time.

My life would be complete if…

I heard the word ‘bae’ less.


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Photography by Phillip Koll and Oliver Vanes for 1 Granary

Model: Alix Bortoli

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