Wilson PK certainly got on a high of press attention when Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself lounging on a couch last year, wearing one of his designs. Receiving over 100k likes must mean something, right? So what’s inside the brain of this young CSM graduate, who’s interned for the Queen of experimental fashion design, Iris van Herpen, and who has shown his collections at the Hospital Club? We found out with our visual questionnaire.

Where are you now?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 2
Where do you wish you were?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 3Who is your favourite artist?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 4What is your favourite film?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 5What is your favourite book?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 6
Why did you study fashion?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 7
What is your favourite sound?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 8
What do you do when you’re stressed out?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 9
What makes you laugh?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 10
What’s the most impressive craftsman technique you’ve ever seen?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 11
If you would have a beard, what would be your style?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 13
What do you treasure most in the world?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 15
What’s your definition of success?
1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 16
What is the last song you listened to?1granary_csm_central_saint_martins_wilson_pk_Question 19
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