Change is a keyword that has marked the past twelve months in fashion education — not only at Central Saint Martins there has been a change of the guards with Fabio Piras taking the helm at the MA Fashion, and Heather Sproat becoming the new head of BA Womenswear. Indeed, Parsons has welcomed Burak Cakmak as its new Dean of Fashion, and Zowie Broach became the Head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art. This week we’ll be seeing the graduate collections of those who will be the next catalysts and game changers of the industry, who will hopefully bring about much needed change. Tune into the livestream…

What is the industry looking forward to

Vogue Talents

“One word: Innovation”


“Creativity, always.”

Tati Cotliar – Junior Fashion Editor at Garage Magazine

I want to see something that brings you to childhood, something that’s uncool and tacky.

Kam Dhillon from Not Just A label 

Originality, creativity, innovation.


We’re recruiting designers so we’re looking for young, up and coming students who are creative, innovative, and have new ways of looking at products. Also things that are inspired by sport.

Elisa Palomino (Print pathway leader), Heather Sproat (Head of Womenswear), Rosemary Wallin (FDM Pathway leader)

What are the highlights of the year, what can people expect?

H: I think that the quality of the work that the students have put together has again kind of broken boundaries: the quality of the make and the cutting; creativity has reached another level.

E: It’s an amazing strong year: strong shapes, colours, prints, embroideries… Altogether, the craftsmanship is amazing.

R: What I love is the variety, there is a Saint Martins style and that’s what’s great about it. They’re all so different, they’re all unique, and that’s the strength of this college, I think: they’re all their own individuals.

Trager Delaney, interviewed for 1G by Tilly McAlister Smith (sitting next to the pair)

Are there any trends in the womenswear pathway this year?

Culottes, sneakers. Suspensers were big, we thought.

So a lot of street wear influences?

Not really street wear, more fisherman’s wear. Utalitarian fisherwomen.

Any favourites in the categories that you didn’t judge?

Yes, there’s one girl we’re obsessed with in knit but we don’t know her name

Minimalist or maximalist?

Always maximalist in this school, only because I fear that maybe it’s a little bit too much! I think there’s a fine line and students need to be taught what ‘more’ means.

What else?

There was a lot of shredding going on. We need to get rid of the shredding. We’re over the shredding a bit.

Do you think this is Marques’Almeida’s lingering legacy?

No, I think it’s the Saint Martins legacy with shredding stuff and having a trail on the floor. I don’t want to see anything trailing. I want to see things that can actually be worn. Fashion is about ‘you can do whatever you want’ but where it gets really hard is when you try and do something different, and being able to wear it. Anyone can make a lobster suit and put cheese on it.

Running order

Gabriel Castro – Menswear – British Fashion Council Bursary, LVMH Graduate 2015 Prize Winner

Laura Newton – Knitwear – Alcantara Award

Jemma Beech – Knitwear

Camilla Holmes – FDM

Rebecca Jeffs –  Womenswear – Alcantara Award

Pedro Mantua – Menswear

Lee Bodkin – Womenswear – British Fashion Council Bursary

Hiroko Masano – Womenswear – LVMH Grand Prix Scholar

Qiying Fang – FDM

Phoebe Kime – Knitwear – LVMH Grand Prix Scholar

Eleanor O’Connor – FDM

Daniel Fletcher – Menswear

Rozalina Burkova – FDM – LVMH Grand Prix Scholar

Milligan Beaumont – Print

Mimi Wade – Print

Sebastian Freeburn – Womenswear

Joshua Walters – Menswear

Louis Pileggi – Knitwear

Hannah Donkin + Bianca Green – Menswear

Tingzhi Liu – Print

Liberty Yates – Knit

Ji Ye (Julie) Chun – FDM – Sally Woodward Award

Wataru Tominaga – Print – Sally Woodward Award

James Mitchell – Womenswear

Robert Wallace – Womenswear

Nathan Moy – FDM

Jim Chen Hstang Hu – Womenswear

Sonny Tassell – Menswear

Jihoon Kim – Print

Janet Sartor – Womenswear

Angus Lai – Print

Amir Khorasany – FDM

Pierre Campo – Menswear

Susan Yan Nan Fang – Womenswear

Joshua Beaty – Knitwear – Samsung Fashion Design Fund Award

Han Kim – Print – Samsung Fashion Design Fund Award / Sophie Hallette Prize / Alcantara Award

Gabriele Skucas – Knitwear – British Fashion Council Bursary

Markus Wernitznig – Womenswear

Martin Hanly – Womenswear – Swarovski Foundation Scholarship

Livestream by Andrew Smith, Roman Sheppard Dawson, Christian Wright and Moea Creugnet

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