are you sick of your course? think your life is wasted tolling, sewing, designing, writing, sketching, retollling, explaining, interning and so on? sick of having too many fashion moments in one day? sick of sewing things on bias? sick of giving a shit about what your about to wear tomorrow? well… we have the most amazing solution for you.

front row academy is a fashion-tech two day program that lets us crazy designers team up with brilliant coders, app developers, ui builders, basically people who want to get our ideas off the ground (and have the skills to do so) and work on a project for two intense days.

We did it with swappi, and we won! it was an amazing experience and we will be at the next event and want to see some familiar fashion faces come up with the next big thing!

there next event is on the 27th of February and TICKETS ARE SELLING OUT FAST!!!

you can get your tickets here

are you at UAL? Apply here for a FREE ticket:

also, check out Front Row Academy:

-olya & seena

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