If the name Maia Bergman is familiar to you, it’s likely because you’ve seen it on 1 Granary before- quite recently in fact- as it’s only been a year since she graduated BA Fashion. This time, Bergman’s expanded into other territories, spearheading a project that Displays and supports other disciplines by exhibiting and selling the work of current artists and designers. This is all done via the platform, Display London, a creative space bringing together individuals, functioning as a collective, giving off the energy and spirit within London. We spoke to Maia to find out more, and here’s what she told us…

Tell us about Display London.

People are hungry to be part of something, and that is what art schools and movements have. It’s an extension of our experiences at art school. The great thing about arts colleges is that they are institutions, or virtual institutions that turn individuals into a group that share a vision, but with each individual remaining unique, enhancing the rest with their differences. This is what Display London is about.1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_Display_London_I_Where_A_Dress_exhibition6

Do you think people are craving that energy? It seems as if a lot of post-grad platforms lack that authentic sense of spirit. What do you think will make Display London different?

Most platforms are for ‘emerging’ artists, and designers but it is not about ‘emerging’- there aren’t many young designers crazy about that term- it’s about ‘nowness’, what’s relevant to us as a group of individuals. I think what makes Display London different is addressing the need to not just display, but to collaborate with others.


What motivated you to start Display London so soon after graduating?

A lot of people around the world are interested in peeking at what happens inside the most successful art schools, studios, and minds. Visiting Central Saint Martins is proof of this; it feels more like an airport than anything else, crowded with visitors taking pictures, trying to get an insight into the art world… this is about opening up that world, and inviting people in. The schools are what students make of them, but we want the creative industries to be more inclusive, on ‘Display’ in a bigger context… I like the idea of feeding the curiosity of being part of something bigger.

Even though I am nostalgic for how much more underground things were, I am optimistic about going mainstream. After all it’s just about how to make the best out of what you learnt at college, and developing beyond that.

1granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_Display_London_I_Where_A_Dress_exhibition41granary_1granary.com_central_saint_martins_csm_Display_London_I_Where_A_Dress_exhibition5Where can we find you guys?

 The Display London space will be based at 26-28 Morley House, Holborn. We open in October, with [our collaborative 1Granary x Display exhibition], I Where A Dress.

… & plans for the future?

 We’ll continue to showcase artists, designers and publications throughout the year. In October 2013, we’re also launching //displaylondon.com, stocking the work featured.

… What’s clear is that these aren’t ‘emerging’ artists and designers, these are creatives with a firm feel for their work, their vision and what they’re doing. Emerging would be undermining their artistic practice, because from what we’ve seen, and what you’ll see at Display is a group that knows what they’re doing, and what they’re doing is about now. It’s the voice of a collective that speaks of the fixations of a generation; a nexus of preoccupations and ideas. If you want to talk, see, think and feel ideas, they’ll be on Display from the 18th, opening with 1 Granary x Display London’s forthcoming exhibition, I Where A Dress.


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